CHALLENGE: Modernize a classic brand through a new responsive website. 

SOLVE: Embraced the brand's rich history and delivered a bright and fun site that drew from the nostalgic flair and hyperbole of a bygone advertising age. Created a system of illustrations, typography, and color that was inspired by some of the beatiful vintage wrappers that Pearson's has produced throughout the years. 

To launch the site, created a series of increasingly bizarre and fun instagram videos to tee up the unique and  vintage voice Pearsons.

Check it out the site here

Watch all of the instagram videos here


Published in Commarts "Web Pick of the Day" the week of 12/6d 

Named a Webby Honoree

Bronze Award for Website Redesign in Ad Fed's MN Show


To launch the new site, a series of bite-size Instagram videos were produced to give the viewers a taste of what to expect from their visit